Mint an OG Skunk

mint an og skunk

How to Acquire ADA, Set Up a Mobile Wallet, and Mint an OG Skunk with Kanna Krew The OG Skunks have arrived! You can mint your skunk today, however, there’s a significant change: everyone can mint an OG Skunk, but only until August 7th, 2023. After this date, the contract locks forever, and you’ll have […]

Glass Blowing Demonstration: Lost My Marbles Glass

A Deep Dive into the Art of Glass: A Live Glass Blowing Demonstration Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of glass with this video glass blowing demonstration by Lost My Marbles Glass. We’ll take you through a live demonstration, discuss the tools and challenges involved, and even touch on the community aspects of this unique […]

Edible Infusion Podcast with Chef Turtle

edible infusion podcast

Culture, the Podcast: A Culinary Journey into Cannabis with Chef Turtle and the Kanna Krew Welcome to the world of the Kanna Krew, where cannabis culture meets culinary creativity. In our regular podcast, “Culture”, we explore the tantalizing realm of cannabis-infused cuisine. In one of our most enlightening episodes, we sit down with Chef Turtle, […]

The Kanna Krew Podcast 001

Gilbert and Franky Talk Shop Sit back and giggle as Franky and Gilbert roll some fat doobies and take on the world. In the first ever Kanna Krew Podcast episode, they talk about the upcoming plans for the Errl Cup, give a real-time hemp wrap review and chip away at the educational institution.

Reefer Report: Episode 2

Global Change is on the Horizon in the World of Cannabis. Legalization Bill Takes an Important Step in Congress. On Wednesday November 20th, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to remove cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic. This would legalize marijuana in the United States. In all, there are five different designations or schedules […]

Reefer Report : Episode 1

Extracts Are Legal In Arizona. Again. In a 7-0 decision, the Arizona Supreme Court held that it is legal for medical marijuana cardholders to posses cannabis extracts. This includes hashish, oil, edibles, wax, and other extract products. Why Were Extracts Illegal? You might remember the case of Rodney Jones back in 2013. Jones was arrested […]

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