@some_random_foo tours the Zong warehouse with The Kanna Krew

Zongs, Bongs and Percs. Oh my!

What a great weekend it was in Phoenix when we got an inside look at the Bluedot, Graffix and Zong warehouse. A drool-worthy sight of about 200 bongs lined up and ready to roll out to their new homes was waiting for us when we arrived.

So many bongs

Tiny little ray gun looking Graffix rigs, solid gold Zongs and a monstrous self-lighting Bluedot were but a few of the delectable delights just laying around asking to be smoked. Everywhere you looked, an army of sick glass stood at attention. Lit it was.

We ended up making ourselves at home because we pretty much had free reign over the place. We first looked at some pretty nifty inline ash catchers modeled after the beautiful Zubblers made by Zong. Next to them, was something really clean. So naturally, we had to peep this sick straight Zong with a kinky natural down stem. They had them striped, fumed and worked (that crazy looking colored swirl on the bottom of some). We couldn’t keep track of them all.

Exclusives at the Zong warehouse

During our grand and glorious tour, we got some sneak peaks. We had the pleasure of viewing a never before seen multi-color Zong! – A custom made piece for @dabbing_granny – In addition to exclusives, we also got to check out some of the equipment used to make these beauties. A wonderful day in the neighborhood indeed!

In conclusion, we got to see the place where Zongs are born. That was a win.

In case you missed it

Graffix, Bluedot and Zong are all partners of the Kanna Krew. Each and every member of the Krew gets discounts, exclusive products and so much more. Not to mention, it’s 100% free. Join the Kanna Krew, and quit slacking!

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