How to Acquire ADA, Set Up a Mobile Wallet, and Mint an OG Skunk with Kanna Krew

The OG Skunks have arrived! You can mint your skunk today, however, there’s a significant change: everyone can mint an OG Skunk, but only until August 7th, 2023. After this date, the contract locks forever, and you’ll have to buy a skunk from someone else if you want one.

Here’s everything you need to know and the steps you need to take to get your very own OG Kanna Krew NFT.

Price: 102 ADA Total: 420 Skunks Available Until: 8/7/2023 Mint Link:

Step 1 | ACQUIRE ADA — You need ADA to Mint an OG Skunk

If you have another cryptocurrency besides ADA, you can swap it via a centralized exchange. If you’re outside of the US, you could use something like to exchange ADA with another coin (which depends on their selection).

If you don’t have any crypto, then you’ll need to purchase some. Each method has its pros and cons:

Option A: Use Debit/CC on a centralized exchange to purchase ADA

Pros: Easy

Cons (depending on exchanges):

  • Some exchanges freeze withdrawals for ~6 days until your money “clears” (Coinbase and most others)
  • Previously, made you wait 24hrs to withdraw to a wallet for the first time. However, this policy has changed, and you no longer have to wait.

Option B: Use Debit/CC on to purchase ADA straight to your wallet (skipping a step with the previous option). This will require you to create a Cardano Wallet first.

Pros: Easy

Cons: Higher fees

Option C: Use Cash App to purchase bitcoin and send it to a centralized exchange (i.e., Coinbase). Trade, not sell, BTC for ADA.

Pros: No extra wait time or freezing

Cons: Extra steps

Step 1a (For options A and C)

If using a centralized exchange, you’ll need to withdraw/send the ADA to your own wallet after obtaining it. To do so, you’ll need to create a Cardano Wallet.

Step 2 | SET UP Eternl — Eternl will help you manage your Cardano Wallet.

A. Download the App: If you have a PC with Chrome, Brave, or Firefox internet browsers, you can use either the Eternl or the Nami browser extensions. If you’re on mobile, you only have one option as of right now: Eternl.

B. Create Your Wallet: When adding a new wallet, you’ll use what is called a “seed phrase.” This is the most important piece of information associated with your wallet. It should not be shared and should be handwritten and stored in a safe place.

How to Download and Setup Eternl

Step 3 | TRANSFER ADA — Secure the funds in your Wallet

Send the ADA purchased using one of the methods above to the receive address provided by Eternl.

Step 4 | MINT Skunks — Join the Krew

You are anow ready to mint an OG Skunk. Go to the mint site, connect your wallet using the appropriate corresponding button, select how many you want, and click Mint! You may have to “sign transactions” to make this happen. This is normal for crypto.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Kanna Krew OG Skunk.

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