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January 30th - February 1st

🌟 Experience Glass Vegas and TPE Trade Shows Like Never Before with the Blo Buyers Club 🌟

Dive into the world of exclusive glass art from the comfort of your home with the Blo Buyers Club. Our innovative program offers you a front-row seat to the most coveted items at Glass Vegas and TPE trade shows, all through our exclusive “reference videos.” Watch, select, and text us your favorites – it’s that easy! Our dedicated team and real-time ‘runner’ service ensure that your chosen piece is secured directly from the vendor, guaranteeing a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

🔍 Your Personal Gateway to Rare Finds and Exquisite Pieces

With the Blo Buyers Club, you get more than just a purchase; you gain access to a curated selection of unique glass pieces and products. Our transparent pricing, including a standard 20% markup on wholesale costs, and streamlined payment process make shopping straightforward and hassle-free. Special benefits await our OG Skunk NFT holders, offering an even more exclusive shopping experience. Plus, with our efficient shipping coordination, your treasured finds are delivered safely to your doorstep.

🚀 Join an Elite Community of Discerning Collectors

Joining the Blo Buyers Club means becoming part of an exclusive community that values the artistry and uniqueness of glass art. Be the first to explore and own exceptional pieces from world-renowned trade shows, all from the convenience of your home. Sign up now for the Blo Buyers Club and transform the way you discover and purchase extraordinary glass art!

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